ResMed AirSense 11 Autoset CPAP machine

AirSense™ 11 is ResMed’s next generation of sleep apnea therapy, combining our most proven algorithms and technologies with the latest digital innovations. Its sleek design compliments any bedroom and supports users in feeling more confident about their treatment. The desired result is a more comfortable and user-friendly experience for customers, designed to empower them to start with confidence, achieve therapy adherence and better clinical outcomes. Smaller, lighter and smarter than before. Now with a built in sleep coach. ResMed’s top of the line automatic CPAP device with touch screen, new motor design, improved water chamber and smooth looks.

$1,995.00 AUD

SKU: 39108

Categories: CPAP Machines, Auto

With built-in cellular technology, AirSense 11 users can receive over-the-air updates, so that the latest features, maintenance and software upgrades are always loaded onto your device automatically.

Like no other CPAP device ResMed have ever made, AirSense 11 introduces a raft of new technologies dedicated to simplify setup and prioritise your sleep health. No matter whether you’re a new or an experienced user, we’re confident AirSense 11 can help you feel your best each and every morning.


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