Philips DreamWear Gel Pillows Mask

The DreamWear gel pillows cushion is designed to fit the innovative design of our DreamWear mask, providing an effective but comfortable seal, with minimal contact that prevents red marks. Very light and surprisingly comfortable, it accommodates users of multiple sleeping positions. The soft, flexible gel pillows are minimally invasive and conform to different sized nostrils. The CPAP hose connects easily at the top of the head allowing for a minimalistic design that limits contact with the face. **Limited availability**

$195.00 AUD


  • Under Nose Cushion – Resting under your nose, the cushion provides a good seal to prevent the escape of air.
  • Minimal Contact – With an open view, users are not constricted and can easily read or watch television before bed while wearing the mask.
  • Soft Tubing Frame – Follows the natural contours of the face, joining at the nasal cushion under your nose. This prevents pinching and accommodates a wider range of sleeping positions.
  • Overhead Tubing – The tubing rests at the top of the head, allowing it to freely swivel and helping to prevent drag from occurring.


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