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Fisher & Paykel SleepStyle Autoset machine with 5 year warranty

The Fisher & Paykel SleepStyle Autoset machine has an effective and simple design. One touch start and an easy flowing menu make this a great choice for your next CPAP machine. The Autoset is the self adjusting pressure CPAP device, which means it is set at a minimum pressure and a maximum pressure and the machine will adjust to your therapy based on your airway requirements. Quiet and easy to clean, the SleepStyle Autoset is perfect for the discerning buyer.

$1,499.00 AUD

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  • SensAwake – A comfort feature designed to drop the pressure upon sensing that you are waking.
  • ThermoSmart – Advanced humidification algorithm with an integrated heated humidifier and breathing tube that work together for optimal humidity and reduce condensation.
  • Pressure Relief – Making it easier for the patient to exhale.
  • Integrated Power Supply – Minimises the space on your bedside table that is occupied by the machine.
  • Therapy Monitoring – Built-in modem which allows clinicians to keep an eye on your therapy and the new SleepStyle app so you can monitor your results on your smartphone.


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